Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CodeAndroid Campfire

BarCamp KL is back and here's a couple of things that CodeAndroid Malaysia plans to do for the event.


Demo & pitch your Android app idea to the community. Let the people decide. Developers & startups will be given a 5 minute window time to present & demo their app. The people then will help to decide if the apps are worthy of praise. All presented apps will be showcased on the CodeAndroid Malaysia website. We will then help the chosen ones by promoting them on our blog together wth a video of their demo.

We also will help channel these developers to Content Malaysia meetups that has special slots reserved for mobile app demos. At Content Malaysia demo & meetups, our aim is to elevate the level of developer-type startups & connect them with the big boys. More about Content Malaysia.

To pitch an idea, your window time is shorter, 3 minutes. The reason behind this rule is simple: 3 minutes is enough time to pitch an idea.

If you like to take part in this, please email nazroll at with your information.

r00t corner

Learn how to root your Android devices with our CodeAndroid experts. The title explains it all. This is like a corner where hardcore droids Bernie & the gang will embark together with you on a journey to root all Android devices. Amen.

It's a 1 on 1 hacking with a personal touch. All that you need to bring is a computer (laptop of course), USB cables and internet connection (thank you P1). Don't forget your Android device. A couple of HTC devices is already in the line waiting to get rooted.

Office Hours

Discussions & sessions presented by CodeAndroid Malaysia and friends. This is where community or invited speakers come & give talks, moderate discussions and do its own thing. We invite you to be a speaker. Kicking off at BarCamp KL 2010 is Yap Wen Jiun with a talk "Android Arduino Servo Robots and Drones". Now, I personally don't know the details behind this epic-ly named topic, but checkout his idea:

"I can reproduce everything you can see in all those videos of Telnet to G1 to control, using G1 to voice activate the control and GTalk to G1 to control, now still waiting to buy some Servo Robot parts and also trying to add something new not in their videos. If time permits trying to get a Android Arduino Quadrotor ready."

Doing it BarCamp style & if everything goes well, Wen Jiun will be able to show you a real working droid. If there's Arduino hackers out there that like to help Wen Jiun in building an army of Arduinodroids, you can reach him on

Our aim is to have these like a regular set for BarCamps across Malaysia and Southeast Asia. And beyond.

We humbly appreciate & thank you for supporting us in our efforts to revolutionize Android and the people surrounding it: developers, consumers and manufacturers alike.

We hope to see you this weekend at BarCamp KL 2010. More details can be found at

Droid on.