Thursday, August 5, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S review campaign from Maxis

Following the HTC Desire blogger review campaign, Maxis ran another Android phone review by Malaysians - The Samsung Galaxy S Maxis10 Reviewers Programme.

Check out the review of the Samsung Galaxy S phone by these Malaysians, in no particular order: @tekong
Say hello to my Samantha Carter @keemanxp
My Maxis10 Samsung Galaxy S Review Marathon @sapiensbryan
Maxis10 - Samsung Galaxy S Reviews Wrapping Up @galvintan
Archive for the ‘Samsung Galaxy S’ Category @runningandrew
Maxis10 I've been Andrewoid @atreyustrange
#Maxis10 Happy Ending @Marc_ky
Samsung Galaxy S: Breaking The Ice @ariffshah
Archive for the ‘Maxis10’ Category @minishorts
Closing Time @jayelleenelial
Samsung Galaxy S Maxis10 Review – Part 4 – My Favourite Apps

We think review programs like this are beneficial to those that are interested in picking up Android phone as their next companion. :-)
Hopefully we will see more of Android phones review campaigns like this in the near future!