Sunday, October 31, 2010

Code Android meetup 30th Oct 2010

On a very wonderful Saturday of 30th Oct 2010, Code Android Malaysia had yet another interesting meetup.

The agenda for the meetup was :
1) Google App Inventor demonstration by Ikhwan Nazri, OfficeKami aka @tekong
2) Various Android devices demonstration by Yap Wen Jiun @wenjiun, CodeAndroid Malaysia.

Ikhwan Nazri demonstrated how to use Google App Inventor to easily create Android apps without learning how to code.

Photo : Screen is showing the Blocks Editor, how the app is made up on-screen.

He developed a couple of apps that uses graphics drawing, interaction as well as geolocation and accelerometer.
The live-demonstration involves switching between the App Inventor and his Samsung Galaxy S to show the actual changes made and how it worked on his Android phone.
How interesting!

Watch a brief video by Google showing how an app can be built by App Inventor:

Bernie sharing with the crowd how mobile apps are developed with various IDE.

Wen Jiun brought a whole lot of Android devices (Android phones and tablets) for this meetup and everyone had a chance to play with them.

He talked about the differences of such devices, including features, screen size, resolutions and also their resistance to touch! (Resistive touch screens)

Here are the devices attendees get to play with: (clockwise from top left)
1) WITS A81E (7")
2) Haipad G10 (7")
3) Zenithink ZT-180 ePad (10")
4) Dell Streak (5")
5) Samsung Galaxy S (4")
6) HTC Dream/G1 (3.2")
7) Nexus One (3.7")

Some were there looking for Android developers, and we're glad to inform that we have a job listing page here:
Let us know if you would like to post some of your projects or if you're a developer, lookout for opportunities there.
Most of all, just join the group, join us.
We do not require you to be registered as a member or whatever.
Just follow us
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Our meetups are free for entrance too (so far). :-)

And we do need to thank iTrain for making these meetups happen.